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MedEntry provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on the UCAT, the interview process and the latest requirements of New Zealand and Australian medical schools.

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Free UCAT Resources
UCAT Handbook

The comprehensive free resource every aspiring medical student needs.

Free Bootcamp

A virtual seminar by the World's top UCAT specialist and mentor.

UCAT Guide

The definitive strategy guide for understanding, practising and acing the UCAT.

Sample Questions

Eager to jump straight in and test your aptitude? Start with 55 UCAT questions.

Free UCAT Exam

A realistic trial exam that will give you an honest assessment of your current performance.

What is the

Start with the one-page primer that summarises all of the essential information about the UCAT including why it was introduced, the theory behind its questions, its format, dates, costs, and the universities that use UCAT for entry.

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What is the UCAT?

UCAT Handbook

This eBook, created by MedEntry’s experts, is the most in-depth free medical entry resource available online. Understand the entire process of medical entry, including strategies for success, sample UCAT questions, how to prepare for interviews and admissions information.

Free Bootcamp

Dr Ray Boyapati is widely considered to be New Zealand's most effective medical entry mentor. If you’re unsure or anxious about the UCAT, this free Bootcamp Seminar will provide the clarity and confidence you need.

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Now that you have a better understanding of the UCAT, focus on the strategies that will help you achieve the best results and gain entry into the university of your choice. This guide is the result of more than 20 years of experience and includes tips that could significantly boost your scores.

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These UCAT questions are a great place to start for any aspiring medical student eager to understand the style and format of the five challenging UCAT subtests. You’ll find examples of each type of UCAT question, with the option to access fully worked solutions.

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Free UCAT Exam

Ready to find out how well you’d perform in the UCAT exam? This practice exam is a realistic simulation of the UCAT test environment. Identify your weaknesses, receive in-depth performance feedback, and understand how well you can perform with the right preparation.

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