University of Southern Queensland

Toowoomba, Australia

Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Pathway to Medicine at UQ)

Provisional Entry for School Leavers

Provisional entry for current school leavers provides a direct pathway to the MD, guaranteeing you a place in the UQ rural medical program at the clinical school in Toowoomba, conditional on your meeting the following minimum entry requirements and successful completion of the Bachelor of Medical Science.

Subject Prerequisites:

    • English, Literature, English and Literature Extension or English as an Additional Language (Units 3 and 4, C)
    • General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods or Specialist Mathematics (Units 3 and 4, C)
  • An adjusted ATAR 95.00 or equivalent.
  • Competitive overall UCAT score.
  • Multiple-Mini Interview

Provisional entry students are required to complete their first bachelor degree at CQU within the minimum time specified and achieve a minimum overall grade point average of 5 on a 7-point scale.

Provisional entry for school leavers is only available to students completing Year 12 (or equivalent) at the time of application.

Note that a maximum of 5 Rural Access or Subject Incentive ATAR rank adjustments can be used. See UniSQ website for details.


Once QTAC has assessed all applications, applicants are ranked by their aggregate cognitive UCAT subtest score. The UCAT ANZ section 5 (Situational Judgement) score will be used as a secondary selector to differentiate between applicants with the same UCAT ANZ aggregate. If a further selector is required, the UCAT ANZ section 1 score (Verbal Reasoning) will be used.

The minimum required score aggregate depends on the performance of applicants and available places in the MD program. This varies each year and cannot be determined in advance.


To the extent possible, an equal number of applicants (other than Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants) will be selected to participate in MMIs from the following areas: 

  • Darling Downs and South West Queensland;
  • areas classified MM 2 to MM 7 under the MMM classification; and
  • any other applicants who wish to be considered. 

MMIs are broken down into eight (8) stations (mini-interviews) lasting around 10 minutes each. At each station, you will be presented with a scenario by an interviewer and you have two minutes to consider your response in silence. You will then have seven (7) minutes to provide your verbal response to each scenario. There will be eight (8) different interviewers, each presenting a different scenario. Your responses to the eight (8) scenarios will be scored by your interviewers and contribute to an overall assessment score and admission ranking.

The expected duration of your interview, including the pre-interview checks, will be two (2) hours.

Interviews will most likely be held mid to late November (23-25 November in 2022).

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander applicants

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander applicants have a alternative admission pathway

To be considered for a place in the Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medicine Pathway), Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander applicants will need to provide the following documents:

  • most recent graded report card 
  • a letter outlining your reasons for wanting to study medicine and work as a doctor in a regional, rural and remote setting
  • resume
  • written evidence of your Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage as outlined by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS), e.g. a written reference from a Community Elder, your local Community-Controlled Organisation or your mob’s Land Council. 

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