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Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMedSt) Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program

Enrolments in the Bond University Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMedSt) Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program are strictly limited to ensure small class sizes and sufficient clinical placements, Bond University allows a maximum of 120 students in each year. Entry is extremely competitive. Applicants are selected through a rigorous assessment process based on outstanding academic achievement in combination with personal attributes such as knowledge and critical thinking; leadership, initiative and teamwork; communication skills; and responsibility. Short-listed applicants are required to attend an interview in person at Bond University on the Gold Coast where their general suitability to medicine and preparedness to undertake a highly demanding course will be examined at an interview (MMI).

As the MD is an undergraduate program, Bond will be offering 80% of total places to school leavers and 20% of total places to graduate applicants.

The course will run for 4 years 8 months, 14 semesters at 3 semesters a year, making it the shortest pathway into becoming a doctor in Australia. 

The Bond MD program is only open to Australian Citizens, Australian permanent residents and holders of an Australian Humanitarian visa. Applications are also open to New Zealand Citizens but not to New Zealand permanent residents. Bond University may accept applications from applicants on behalf of Foreign Governments to which it has entered into specific arrangements.

2024 Key Dates 

Date Details
11 January 2024
(10:30am QLD time)
QTAC applications open for the Medical Program applicants (all Domestic applicants apply through QTAC regardless of where they live – either in Australia or overseas). Applications to the Medical Program* is via application to one of:
  • Undergraduate: 020712: The Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMedSt) and the Doctor of Medicine (MD);
  • Graduate: 020741: The Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMedSt) and the Doctor of Medicine (MD) (Graduate Entry)
25 January 2024
(4pm QLD time TBC)
QTAC applications close to the Medical Program* (Undergraduate and Graduate).
2 February 2024
Psychometric Testing invitations will be sent out by email progressively to selected applicants by 4.00pm AEST.
6 February to 11 February 2024 Testing conducted on-line from 6 February to 11 February 2024.
16 February 2024 Interview invitations will be sent out by email by 5pm on Friday, 16 Feb 2024.
27, 28, 29 Feb and 1 March 2024 Medical Program interviews coordinated and conducted at the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine.
15 March 2024 (8:30am QLD time) Round 1 offers released and available from QTAC website. Round 1 offer letters released by Bond University.
19 March 2024 Lapse date for Round 1 offers.
7 May 2024 O-Week commences (compulsory attendance for Medical students).

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Applicants

Applicants are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Academic results
  • Psychometric Test
  • Medical Interview (MMI)

All applications to be submitted via QTAC. Further information is available here.

Academic Results

The minimum academic results required to get into the medical Program are:

Minimum academic rank to be competitive for an interview:
  • Undergraduate - OP 1-3, ATAR 96+, or IB Total 38+.
  • Postgraduate - Cumulative GPA of greater than 6.00 on a 7.00 point scale from a recognised tertiary program.

The assessment and entry pathway (undergraduate or postgraduate) used is dependent on how much progress you have achieved in University, if you have graduated from an undergraduate degree then you must apply as a postgraduate student and your GPA for the highest completed course is used. An Undergraduate  or year 12 student must apply as an undergraduate, the academic score used however is dependent on how the student has progressed in an undergraduate course(s), less than 1 year full-time equivalent across all incomplete courses will use year 12 scores only, 1 to 1.5 years FTE will use 50% year 12 results and 50% GPA for the incomplete undergraduate course(s), more than 1.5 years FTE will use the GPA for the incomplete course(s).

More details can be found on Bond University's entry assessment table.


  • English or English as an Additional Language or Literature or English & Literature Extension (Units 3 & 4, C);
  • or equivalent interstate subjects;
  • or approved bridging or preparatory programs.

Prerequisite equivalency tables for different states/accepted courses.

The academic assessment used must have been completed be within the last 9 years, this limit does not apply to the prerequisites. 

Bond Psychometric test

Selected applicants will be offered the opportunity to complete an online psychometric test based on their academic achievement.

The medical program has partnered with an experienced external commercial provider to run the psychometric test. It will be conducted as an on-line test that can be taken anywhere with internet access over a specified time period. Many graduate programs, i.e. the CBA and leading accounting and legal firms use similar processes in their recruitment.

The psychometric testing is designed to provide information on personal attributes recognised as being important for a successful career as a doctor such as the ability to manage pressure, problem solve with emotions, and show empathy. The psychometric testing will focus on your strengths in regard to managing the demands of the program.

The psychometric test will cost about $300. There are two assessments, a personality test that should take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete, and an emotional intelligence test that should take about 30-45 minutes to complete. You should set aside a maximum of 2 hours to complete both tests.

The full day psychometric test training for Bond University will be offered by MedEntry on the 4 Feb 2024.

Bond MMI Medical Interviews will be conducted late February 2024. 

Based on the results of the psychometric test, 250 short listed applicants will be required to attend an interview in person at Bond University on the Gold Coast, where their general suitability to medicine and preparedness to undertake a highly demanding course will be examined in a structured multiple mini interviews (MMI).

Invitations for interviews will be sent out mid-February. 

During the interviews there will be 8 stations, where you will be interviewed by doctors and members of the community from both a medical and non-medical background.

You will be interviewed on the following:

  • Outstanding academic achievement
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve graduate outcomes of:
    • Knowledge and critical thinking
    • Leadership, Initiative and teamwork
    • Communication skills
    • Responsibility

The interviews should take approximately 2 hours in total including registration and debrief. 

We encourage applicants to prepare for the Psychometric test and the medical interview.

MedEntry offers training for the Psychometric test, usually in mid February and for the interview in late February. Register early to secure your spot, we only accept a small number of students. 

Bond University MMI questions and Bond University medicine interview dates can also be viewed via the Bond University School of medicine website.

View Bond University Medical Program Requirements 

Alternate pathways into medicine

Domestic and international students eligible to graduate from the following Bond University programs and meet the minimum GPA requirement will be eligible to be considered for selection to enter year 2 of the Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMedSt). The same process for entry into first year is used. Places are limited and dependent on availability.

At present this is the only route that international students can take to get into the medical program.

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