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MedEntry not only helps more students pass their exams than any other UCAT organisation; it also helps students exceed their expectations with higher scores and entry into better schools.

That’s why MedEntry has received more than 4,000 five-star reviews globally and an average rating of 4.9. Many students go to the extra effort to create testimonials that give prospective students the best possible understanding of why MedEntry is so successful.

World's highest-rated UCAT organisation

Venkatesh R

Everything about Medentry is exceptional! They are very much dedicated and are passionate in helping students prepare for success. The quality is also excellent, as get everything to be proper preparation for the UCAT. 10/10 will recommend this to anyone.

Eleanor Wheatley

MedEntry made my UCAT preparation so much more streamlined, stress free and drastically improved my exam result. Dr Ray is amazing and all of the doctors and med students that were involved in our workshop provided really constructive advice, as well as creating questions that really prepare you for the exam. I cannot recommend MedEntry enough!

Alyssa Feltus

Absolutely loved the interview preparation after gaining so much from the UCAT workshop earlier this year. Everything was so helpful and really helped me build my confidence whilst preparing for the interview.

Felicity Hu

I've just completed the first half of my med interview package through the workshop day and I cannot be more grateful that I signed up. Dr. Ray has been unbelievably helpful and generous with his advice, while his passion for teaching and his career in medicine is simply contagious. He's an amazing educator and I hope anyone hoping to study and practise medicine has had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Ray.

Yousif Majeed

Much better than other available UCAT resources. Through the vast mocks and questions available I rapidly saw an improvement in my scores. Highly recommend.

Aga Hussain

The only platform required to be successful in the UCAT

Arnav Bansal

The learning platform was exactly identical to the actual test making the big day just feel like another medentry simulation.

Elijah Martins

THIS WAS SO GOOD. Honestly best Worksop I’ve ever gone to. Initially thought it would be very tiring since it’s intensive but it was all so useful down to the last minute. Dr Ray was very engaging and all the guess speakers had great insight (having both med students and consultants with very high qualifications). This was definitely a wise choice and would recommend

Holly Bromley

Dr. Ray was absolutely amazing!! He taught me so much over the course of the workshop and I had so much fun! So kind, energetic, intelligent and warm and insightful.

Terry Zhai

Amazing platform!!! I would highly recommend this to anyone wishing to excel in their UCAT preparation. Dr Ray was extremely helpful in the 2 day workshop, guiding me through the UCAT journey and giving me hope and motivation throughout until even after the UCAT. Their communication is superb and always gets back to you within a few business days. If you are a person wanting to get into the top percentiles of UCAT, it would be essential to use this platform!!!

Chev Seeva

Very helpful in preparation for the UCAT. Thanks to the program, Abstract Reasoning was a breeze and it helped me get a score much higher than what I was aiming for.


The Strategy day was very informative and I learned a lot about what to do and prepare for interviews. I definitely recommend others to attend this Strategy day session in the future!

Lillie Brewer

The interview workshop by Dr Ray was incredibly motivating and insightful. Highly recommend this to anyone taking any job or medical interview!

Martin Dwyer

More than worth the fee- an invaluable insight from a doctor who has been on both sides of the interview table

Krisha Ghelani

This was an amazing workshop as I loved the way the days were structured so as to make it both informative and engaging. It definitely made me more motivated before embarking on my UCAT preparation journey, so thank you!

Grete Gawthorn

I found the workshop run by Dr Ray super helpful and very worthwhile. His knowledge, expertise and encouragement were invaluable for my preparations for the UCAT exam, interview and university study skills. Highly recommend!

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