Frequently Asked Questions


  • If paying by credit card, and if the transaction is successful (99% of them are), you will get immediate access. Failed transactions are usually due to delays in entering credit card details.
  • If paying by credit card, and if the transaction is NOT successful, please email us (with as much detail as possible) and you will get access within one business day (if the payment has been received by MedEntry). If this happens during the weekend/public holidays, please do NOT expect the matter to be resolved until the next business day. We realise you think your matter is urgent, but just as you prefer not to be working during holidays, so do our staff. We only have skeleton "After-Hours Support" for basic needs, not for dealing with complex issues such as failed transactions.
  • If paying by credit card, and if the transaction is NOT successful, and if you want immediate access, another option is to try again with another credit card. If we receive the payment twice, one of them will be refunded back to your credit card. If you choose this option, please send us an email requesting refund for one of the payments.
  • If paying by Electronic Funds Transfer, and you have sent an email that you have done this, you should have access on the next business day.
  • Please note that bookings for weekly classes/workshops/Interview training sessions etc close two business days prior, as IT staff will have to send relevant information to enrolled students. So please do not expect action outside business hours.

Absolutely! You can get a free trial of our online platform including a full practice exam, use of the skills trainers, preview of our curriculum and more:


All products can be ordered via this website. Before you purchase any products, you will need to register with us and login. Then simply browse our products and click ‘purchase’. This will add the item to your shopping cart. When you ‘checkout’, you will be taken to a page that provides instructions on how to complete your purchase. All course fees shown on the website are in New Zealand dollars (NZD).

You can purchase your products by any of the following means:

Credit/debit card:

If you pay by credit/debit card, the service providers' name will be shown as "MedEntry" on your card statement. During the ordering process, the NZD amount will be converted into the equivalent Australian dollar amount using the current day's market rate. Depending on your credit card rate and international purchase fees, you may be charged a slightly higher NZD amount by your bank. You will get immediate access to the OLP if you pay by card. 

• Online or internet banking/Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/Cash deposit (paying from within New Zealand):

If you pay by this method, you MUST send an email to with the student's name and MedEntry order number (MExxxxxx) so we know that payment has been made. Once your payment has been received, your order will be activated.

MedEntry's New Zealand bank account details:

Bank: BNZ
Account number: 02-0290-0291474-97
Name: Edward (MedEntry)
Reference/Description: Please write here your MedEntry order number (MExxxxxx).

If you are making payment at a bank, please make sure you tell the bank staff to include your MedEntry order number in the Reference field while making the deposit, so that we can reconcile your order.

International Electronic Funds Transfer (paying from outside New Zealand)

If you pay by International Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), you MUST send an email to with the student's name and MedEntry order number (MExxxxxx). MedEntry's bank details for EFT are shown below:

Account Name: MedEntry
IBAN: 06323710202957
Address of Account Holder: 126 Jukes Road, Fawkner, Victoria 3060, Australia
Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Address of Bank Branch: 46 Bonwick Street, Fawkner, Victoria 3060, Australia
Reference/Description: Please write here your MedEntry order number (MExxxxxx). If making payment at a bank, please make sure you tell the bank staff to include your MedEntry order number in the Reference field while making the deposit, so that we can reconcile your order. Delays occur because customers often fail to do this. Bank tellers are busy people with lots of things to remember. Therefore, before completing the above transaction, please ask the bank teller this question: "Have you included the six digit number I gave you in the Reference field?"

Please ensure that you add the appropriate bank fees (charged by your bank for the electronic money transfer plus $25 for the charges of the intermediary Bank) to the cost of the MedEntry UCAT package. Please note that unless you add this amount of $25, MedEntry does not receive the appropriate fee, so your order will not be activated.


You can upgrade your package at any time by following these steps:

  1. Login into the MedEntry website by clicking the "Login" button in the right hand top corner
  2. Once you have logged in and the Online Learning Platform has loaded, click on Your Name in the top right hand corner
  3. Click on My Account
  4. Then select the package that you wish to upgrade, followed by the package that you wish to upgrade to, and select your payment method. The difference in cost between the packages will appear in your shopping cart. You can pay using any of the payment methods.


  • Some MedEntry products are ineligible for upgrading.
  • Some product discounts might not transferable.
  • Your Online Learning Platform progress will not be reset. You will have the same Online Platform as before, with the same attempts at practice exams and drills previously completed by you.

Please take note of the error number and error message (which was generated from your credit card issuer / bank).

The commonest causes for declined credit cards are:

  • Using a credit/debit card which is not accepted by the MedEntry shop (the MedEntry shop only accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express)
  • Card details were entered incorrectly
    • D4406 is a common error if the card number has been entered incorrectly
    • D4405 is a common error if the expiry date has been entered incorrectly

Depending on the error, please try:

  • Entering your card details again
  • Trying a different credit card
  • Contacting your credit card issuer / bank for further advice

If you continue to have problems, you can contact us for guidance.

Alternatively, you can pay via Funds Transfer. To do this, please restart the checkout process and choose funds transfer from the Other Payment Options section. Bank details to make the transfer are included in the tax invoice emailed to your registered email address, and can also be found here under ‘How can I pay?’.

If you would like immediate access to your MedEntry package, please email a screenshot of your payment and we will process your order without having to wait for funds to clear.


In rare instances, your credit/debit card may be charged more than once in error. Please don’t panic! Please send us an email with details of what happened and the duplicate payment(s) will be refunded back to your card within two business days.


MedEntry uses Braintree ( as our payment gateway. Braintree is highly secure and is supported by New Zealand's leading banks. For your protection, all transactions are secured with 128 bit encryption and SSL technology.

Transactions through a server using SSL are far safer than using a credit card at a petrol station, restaurant or other retail establishments.

Your greatest risk for exposure is NOT the use of properly secured WWW Sites for financial transactions, but rather your everyday person-to-person transactions. The server software allows clients (surfers) to access WWW pages using SSL-based security. SSL is an encryption standard that prevents anyone from intercepting and reading the data stream between the client and the server. Thus, SSL is ideal for accepting sensitive data over the Internet, such as credit-card numbers or controlled access passwords.

If you are concerned about providing your credit/debit card details over the internet, you can purchase your products by personal cheque, bank cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).


When it takes too long to enter all CC details, the form times out and therefore the purchase is unsuccessful. Your product choice is lost from the shopping cart. It will be necessary to begin again.

If your order is successful, an order number appears on screen beginning with "ME" followed by a six digit number (eg MExxxxxx).


If you are in Australia, please go to

If you are in Ireland, please go to:

If you are in the UK, please go to:

Following are your options:

  • Credit/debit card online.
  • International Electronic Funds Transfer

Please note that personal cheques are NOT accepted for payments from overseas.

If you pay by International Electronic Funds Transfer, you MUST send us an email with the details of student's name, MedEntry order number, etc.


Please simply put through a new order selecting your desired method of payment. Then please email us with details of your old order (please include your old MedEntry order number) and we will delete the old order for you.


Unfortunately we do not offer payment plans. However, you could order the Essential package and then upgrade to Premium package at any time by paying the difference. Similarly, you could purchase the Premium package and upgrade to the Comprehensive package by paying the difference.


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