UCAT Books

8 months ago by Robert

Have you ever thought about using books to prepare for the UCAT?

Before you go and spend your money on UCAT books there are a few things worth considering:

  • The live UCAT is not on paper! So practising using books is like practising on a grass court for a tennis competition when the match on the big day is going to be on clay court!
  • Unlike online materials which can be regularly updated, the publisher of such books is unable to amend them in keeping with the frequent changes that do occur in the UCAT.

  • There is no way of seeing other reader reviews of such publications, so how will you know what your peers think of them?

  • Is the author well versed in all facets of the UCAT and how much experience do they have?

  • How long has the author been involved in the UCAT in some way

  • You should be able to have confidence in the quality of these UCAT books in order to prepare for the UCAT. For example, are the sample questions of a similar difficulty - if they are not, then you will not be adequately prepared.

  • Whilst you will be able to physically write on the books as in the actual exam, there is a limit to how many times you can erase and reuse.

  • There is no way you will know how you perform compared to the cohort you are competing with, for the limited medical school places. Its the percentile ranking, not the percentage of questions you got right, that matters
  • Books can not provide features such as "Retry' feature, and Artificial Intelligence to target your weakness (as MedEntry does)
  • Even Esther Hamilton-Dick, Marketing and Communications Lead at the official UCAT, said in a 2021 Medical Schools Council webinar that they do NOT recommend books.

Online materials - such as those of MedEntry - have the advantage over UCAT books, in that they can be updated regularly, are written and managed by experienced staff, and are able to better replicate the latest changes in UCAT.

MedEntry is the leader in developing and using online materials: doing this for over 20 years, far longer than any other prep company in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland.