UCAT ANZ 2022 Access Arrangements

UCAT ANZ 2022 Access Arrangements

3 weeks ago by Christopher

Did you know that if you have educational needs, disabilities or medical conditions you may be entitled to access arrangements (special conditions) when sitting the UCAT ANZ?

You must:

  • apply and be approved for access arrangements before your UCAT test can be booked
  • accompany applications with suitable official documentation
  • submit your application before 17 May 2022


Access arrangements provided for UCAT

You can apply for the following access arrangements when sitting UCAT:

  • Extra time and / or rest breaks between UCAT sections, including:
  • UCATSA (140 minutes): standard test time with 5 minute rest breaks before UCAT sections
  • UCATSEN (150 minutes): 25% extra time for UCAT test
  • UCATSENSA (168.75 minutes): 25% extra time with 5 minute rest breaks before UCAT sections
  • Access to medical items
  • Access to medically necessary food / drink at your UCAT workstation
  • Adjustable desk height
  • Adjustable font size and colour scheme on UCAT computer
  • Permission to bring coloured overlays
  • Wheelchair access (subject to UCAT test centre availability)
  • A separate UCAT testing room (subject to UCAT test centre availability)


Access arrangements not provided for UCAT

Due to the nature of UCAT the following accommodations cannot be provided:

  • A reader or computer reader
  • Paper and pen (you are provided with a laminated notebook and marker pen at the UCAT test centre)
  • A paper version of the UCAT test
  • A scribe
  • Unlimited ‘on request’ or ‘stop the clock’ breaks


Supporting evidence needed

You will need to provide both of the following pieces of evidence when applying for UCAT access arrangements:

  1. A letter from your school/college/university that shows that you currently receive accommodations for exams.  This will need to be on official letterhead and dated to the current year. It must contain the date plus the title, name, signature and contact details of the person issuing the letter.

The letter should clearly explain the access arrangements you need for UCAT.  That is, it should state the amount of time, rest breaks or other accommodations you are entitled to and confirm the diagnosis that this is based on.

  1. Documentation you provided from a registered health practitioner / educational psychologist / psychologist to your academic institution so that you could receive your current accommodations.  In some circumstances, UCAT ANZ may ask for additional documentation.

For more details on exact requirements, visit https://www.ucat.edu.au/register/access-arrangements/


Applying for UCAT access arrangements

To apply go to the UCAT ANZ Access Arrangements visit https://www.ucat.edu.au/register/access-arrangements/ to fill out your details and upload your documents.

Don’t forget that if you are applying for access arrangements for UCAT 2022 the cut off date is 17 May 2022!



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