Misinformation from Auckland and Otago Universities regarding Medical Entry

Misinformation from Auckland and Otago Universities regarding Medical Entry

2 years ago by Robert

Many Year 13 students interested in studying medicine are mistakenly led to believe that they can only sit UCAT ANZ once and only in their first year of university. They are given wrong and misleading information, often by Auckland and Otago Universities, regarding pathways into medical or dental school.

Students can sit UCAT ANZ in their final year of schooling (Year 13) and any number of times thereafter. In fact, students that do sit UCAT in Year 13 have a much higher chance of getting into medicine, for two main reasons:

1. By sitting UCAT ANZ in Year 13, you can apply to 17 Australian medical schools - Once you start a university degree, you cannot apply to most Australian medical schools.

2. By sitting UCAT ANZ a second time, your performance will improve, for several reasons - Only New Zealand students have this advantage: Australian students can only sit UCAT ANZ in the year they apply to medical school, not before.

Auckland and Otago universities have abetted and permeated the myth that students should sit UCAT ANZ only when they are at University because it is good for them: it prevents certain students from having an advantage from sitting UCAT twice, and helps deter students from applying to Australian medical schools. These two universities have a vested interest in ensuring that you do NOT sit UCAT in year 13.

MedEntry strongly suggests that all students who are interested in pursuing medicine sit UCAT as early as possible (in year 13), for many reasons, which are discussed in this blog: Entry to Medicine in NZ: Two crucial facts

Auckland and Otago university have even created a cosy cartel which bans students from applying to another University! They unfortunately do not have students’ best interests at heart. Remember: universities are not “do-good” organisations any more, as most people assume them to be. Universities these days are big businesses with multi-billion dollar annual incomes. The salaries of university bosses often exceed a million dollars a year. Until 1960, there were only 500 universities worldwide: now there are over 10,000. They certainly do not have a monopoly over the truth, so do not take what they say as gospel. Be critical of their claims!

Remember, you can and should sit UCAT in year 13 in order to boost your chances of securing a place in medical school.


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